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DNA Sequencing

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Getting the right diagnosis for an infection is a crucial step on the path to recovery. If you have an infection or wound that’s not getting better with antibiotics, it’s time to consider an advanced diagnostic solution. Richard Hochman DPM, LLC, in Coral Gables, Florida, offers DNA sequencing for fast, accurate diagnoses. To find out more, call or schedule a consultation online today.

DNA Sequencing Q & A

What is DNA sequencing?

DNA sequencing is the gold standard in molecular diagnosis. It uses a technologically advanced process to diagnose what’s wrong with you more quickly than older, traditional methods.

DNA sequencing is far superior to traditional methods of diagnosing infections for many reasons. With DNA sequencing, you generally find out your preliminary results in 24 hours. What’s more, DNA sequencing is 99.9% accurate in diagnosing bacterial and fungal infections. This speed and accuracy mean Dr. Hochman can get you on the path to recovery more quickly.

What does DNA sequencing diagnose?

Dr. Hochman uses DNA sequencing to provide comprehensive diagnosis for:

  • Non-responsive ulcers
  • Nail infections
  • Wounds

By drawing on a database with more than 25,000 DNA sequences, the technology can identify 100% of the microbes causing an infection. The process also identifies bacteria and other agents that might be causing your sore, ulcer, wound, or infection.

How is DNA sequencing different than lab tests?

Traditional lab tests are slower, less comprehensive, and can be more costly than DNA sequencing. Here are some of the problems with traditional lab tests:

  • Test results for certain fungi can take as long as 20 days
  • Lab tests aren’t effective at identifying 99% of microbes
  • Lab samples must be kept at room temperature and taken to the lab quickly

In addition, with traditional tests, you may need multiple tests to identify fungi and other infectious organisms — costing money with every test.

In comparison, DNA sequencing:

  • Provides preliminary results in 24 hours
  • Can accurately identify 100% of microbes
  • Tests microbes and fungi in one test at one price
  • Detects antibiotic resistance
  • Doesn’t require special care and handling because test samples aren’t affected by time or temperature

Why do I need DNA sequencing?

DNA sequencing allows Dr. Hochman to pinpoint exactly what’s causing your infection — whether the ailment is on your nail or in an ulcer or wound. By using this technology, Dr. Hochman creates a treatment plan to clear up your infection faster. He’ll prescribe oral or topical antibiotics specifically for your precise type of infection.

If you have a foot wound or nail fungus that’s not getting better after a regime of oral antibiotics, call today or book a consultation online with Richard Hochman, DPM. He’ll find out exactly what’s wrong, so you can enjoy optimal health.


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