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Stem Cell Therapy Explained

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis or another chronic foot injury or soft tissue pain – your treatment options are no longer limited to traditional treatments such as steroid injections, joint replacement or physical therapy.
Dec 3rd, 2018

Did I Sprain My Ankle?

Ankle and foot sprains are some of the most common podiatric injuries, usually caused by a fall or a sudden twist that forces the ligaments out of their normal position.
Nov 30th, 2018

Varicose Veins: Not Just A Cosmetic Issue

Varicose veins, abnormally enlarged, distended, veins that appear on the legs as ropy, twisted skin bulges, are easy to spot; which is why patients want them to disappear.
Oct 18th, 2018

Wound Care, More Than Just A Dressing Change

The statistics are alarming: Chronic wounds, wounds that do not heal properly or completely during a timeframe of four weeks, affect nearly 5 million Americans, with 500,000 new cases diagnosed every year.
Sep 18th, 2018